“Celebrating Oldest Living Poet Aubrey Thomas De Vere’s 86th Birthday”

Yesterday, Aubrey Thomas De Vere, the oldest living poet at 86 years of age, celebrated his birthday. Known for both prose and verse, De Vere’s body of work includes fifteen volumes of poetry and ten books of prose. It has been almost 60 years since his debut verse volume, “The Waidenses,” was published, while his most recent poetry collection, “St Peter’s Chains,” was released in 1888. Among his prose works, his first, “English Misrule and Irish Misdeeds,” was published in 1848, and his latest, “Recollections By Aubrey De Vere,” in 1897. The esteemed poet resides mostly in his Limerick home but ensures an annual visit to London every year.

Nottingham Evening Post¬†–¬†Thursday 11 January 1900

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