“Chaos in the Council: The Tense Confrontation Between Mr. Anthony and Lord Emly at a Limerick County Council Meeting”

In a Limerick County Council meeting, a violent altercation occurred between Mr. Anthony and Lord Emly. The conflict arose from a question regarding alleged bribery of laborers to attack Lord Emly. Mr. Mackay was asked to name the individuals responsible for the bribe, with Lord Emly accusing him of being a coward if he refused.

Mr. Mackay mentioned an incident at Kilmallock involving Lord Emly, who had lost his position as a Deputy-Lieutenant and member of the Commission of the Peace due to his actions there. This reference heightened tensions between the two men.

As emotions escalated, the council meeting became chaotic, with members of the public becoming agitated and some laborers expressing their anger towards Mr. Mackay. The situation eventually culminated in Mr. Mackay confronting Lord Emly and challenging him to prove that he was not a coward.

The intense confrontation was eventually diffused as other council members intervened to restore order. Despite the resolution of this particular conflict, the incident serves as a reminder of the passions that can be aroused in the realm of politics and the importance of maintaining civility in the face of disagreements.

Nottingham Evening Post¬†–¬†Thursday 22 February 1900

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