“Dismissals at the Waterford and Limerick Railway Company Amid Amalgamation Debates”

During a recent parliamentary session, Patrick O’Brien asked the President of the Board of Trade about the dismissal of three employees, O’Connell, Maraud, and Halpin, from the Waterford and Limerick Railway Company. The dismissals reportedly occurred due to the employees’ involvement in the ongoing debates linked to the planned sale of the Waterford and Limerick Railway to the Great Southern and Western Railway Company. A Bill proposing the completion of this sale is currently under consideration in Parliament.

In response, Mr. Akers Douglas, answering on behalf of Mr. Ritchie, stated that the Board of Trade was not in a position to take any action regarding this matter. However, he mentioned receiving a letter from the chairman of the Waterford, Limerick, and Western Railway Company, which he offered to share with the honorable member who asked the question.

The dismissals seem to highlight the tensions and issues revolving around the potential amalgamation of railway companies in Ireland. These concerns include the proposed sale’s impact on local and national interests, railway and canal policy, and the welfare of employees and stakeholders involved in the industry.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 06 February 1900

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