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“Kibwobs” and “Irish Drapery”: A Heartwarming Tale of Language and Laughter in Limerick – Limerick Gazette

“Kibwobs” and “Irish Drapery”: A Heartwarming Tale of Language and Laughter in Limerick


In the charming city of Limerick, amidst its labyrinthine alleys and storied buildings, an amusing incident unfolded, casting a lighthearted spell over the everyday. It was a moment when language, culture, and the innocence of childhood converged to create a heartwarming exchange that would linger as a cherished memory.

The English Lady and Her Curious Son

Our tale begins with an English lady and her inquisitive son who embarked on a visit to potential apartments in the city. Their quest was to find the perfect abode that would cradle their aspirations. Little did they know that this venture would become a canvas for a delightful exchange of words and cultures.

The “Kibwobs” Incident

As the duo ascended the staircase of one of the apartments, their attention was unexpectedly drawn to the delicate cobwebs that adorned the ceiling like gossamer threads. It was a sight that captured the child’s innocent wonder, and he couldn’t help but name these ethereal formations. With a charming melody, he christened them with a term that danced on his lips – “kibwobs.”

The Irish Landlady’s Playful Spirit

In the midst of this enchanting moment, the Irish landlady, a figure brimming with warmth and humour, entered the scene. Overhearing the child’s delightful creation, she decided to join in the light-hearted banter. With a twinkle in her eye and a heart full of mirth, she lent her own twist to the tale.

Addressing the cobwebs that hung gracefully above, she playfully dubbed them the “Irish drapery.” It was a term infused with a spirit of camaraderie, blending the child’s newfound creation with the essence of her culture. In this whimsical fusion of words, the boundaries of language dissolved, uniting different worlds through laughter and shared amusement.

Language as a Bridge

In that moment, language became a bridge, connecting hearts and minds across diverse backgrounds. The English lady, her son, and the Irish landlady shared a transient but poignant exchange that would linger as a cherished memory. Amidst the hustle and bustle of apartment hunting, this incident stood out as a reminder of the simple joys that can be found in the unexpected corners of life.

A Reminder of the Beauty in Quirks

And so, in the heart of Limerick, cobwebs became “kibwobs,” and “Irish drapery” emerged as a playful ode to the delicate threads that weave the tapestry of human connections. In this quaint yet resonant encounter, cultures intertwined with laughter, reminding all who witnessed it of the beauty that lies in embracing the charming quirks that make each individual and each place unique.


The “kibwobs” and “Irish drapery” incident in Limerick serves as a heartwarming testament to the power of language and laughter to bridge cultural divides and create meaningful connections. It reminds us that amidst the complexities of life, it is often the simple moments of joy and shared humour that leaves a lasting imprint on our hearts. In the heart of Limerick, a charming and whimsical exchange unfolded, leaving those who witnessed it with a smile and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of human connection.

Lichfield Mercury – Friday 26 January 1900