King William’s Victory and the Sixth Foot Regiment’s Role in the Battle of Boyne and Siege of Limerick”.

In 1690, King William arrived in Ireland and successfully forced the passage of the Boyne River on July 1st, defeating King James’ army in a general engagement.

The Sixth Foot Regiment participated in this battle, and while the exact number of their casualties is unknown, the regiment mustered only 418 men at a review just a few days later, suggesting their losses were significant. Following several more battles, the siege of Limerick in October marked the end of the war in Ireland. The Sixth Foot Regiment subsequently marched from Limerick to Dublin, where they boarded ships for England on December 20th, 1691. Upon arrival, they began recruiting to replenish their numbers.

Leamington Spa Courier¬†–¬†Saturday 06 January 1900

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