“Limerick Man’s Cheltenham County Court Hearings: Dispute Over Rent”

During a session in Cheltenham County Court, presided over by Judge Ellicott, the case of Mrs. J. Lestbah versus Mrs. J. M. Harnett unfolded. The plaintiff, Mrs. Lestbah, sought £10 7s 6d for rent owed for two rooms at 2 Queen’s Parade. Mr. Singleton represented the plaintiff, while Mr. Stroud represented the defendant. A jury was tasked with deciding the case.

Mrs. Lestbah claimed that she rented the rooms to the defendant in September 1900 at a rate of £6 per month, under the condition that the rooms were occupied until April. The defendant left before the agreed date after objecting to the plaintiff showing her rooms to a prospective buyer. Mrs. Lestbah claimed the outstanding rent for the remaining period. During cross-examination, Mr. Stroud accused the plaintiff of not providing proper attendance for the defendant. Other witnesses, such as Annie Coling, Kate Nicholls, and Mrs. Elizabeth Charlton, testified on behalf of the plaintiff.

The defendant, Mrs. Harnett, argued that she rented the rooms on a weekly basis, and she never committed to staying through the winter. She also complained about excessive dirt in the rooms. Mr. Harnett, a Limerick county J.P., testified about finding dead mice in the bedroom. The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her one month’s rent of £6, along with court costs.

Cheltenham Chronicle – Saturday 17 March 1900

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