“Malta and Limerick Lace Tips for the Upcoming Summer Season”

During the winter season in Malta, the overall climate is mild, with intense heat in the summer months. December to February experiences rainfall and occasional heavy winds. The island is noted for its lively atmosphere, making it an attractive place to live.

For those going to Malta in the summer, it is recommended to have plenty of light and breezy clothing, such as muslins and thin frocks. Regarding wedding gowns, one should consider having a much longer train for a presentation gown and possibly a new brocade train made by Messrs. Redmayne and Co. Fine old Limerick lace can be draped over the train to enhance its elegance.

For jewelry, a deep pearl collar can help conceal unwanted necklines and enhance one’s appearance. The Parisian Diamond Co. offers various styles and widths that cater to different preferences. Slender necks paired with a pearl and diamond collar create a charming look.

Gentlewoman¬†–¬†Saturday 20 January 1900

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