“Maypole Dairy Company: Expansion, Cleanliness, and Quality Products Drive Rapid Growth”

The Maypole Dairy Company Ltd. has been expanding rapidly, with branches in every major town across the country. Their reputation for spotless cleanliness and high-quality dairy products has caught people’s attention, such as the recently opened branch in Tunbridge Wells at 34, Calverley Road. The company is the largest manufacturer and retailer of pure dairy butter in the world, with over twenty well-equipped creameries in England and Ireland, including Congleton, Market Drayton, Evercreech, and Knocklong. They also receive large shipments of choice butter from Denmark, where they have their own experts.

The Maypole Dairy Company Ltd. processes over 1,000 tons of milk weekly, indicating their growing trade. Their success can be attributed to the freshness of their goods, which is maintained by providing each branch with a daily supply. The company also blends their own tea, saving on intermediate costs, and sells it under the name “Maypole Tea.” Despite only being added to the business a year ago, sales of the tea have been growing rapidly.

As a promotional offer, the Maypole Dairy Company Ltd. is giving away new copper items to customers purchasing their butter, tea, or margarine. With the combination of low prices and superior quality, the opening of their branch in Tunbridge Wells is likely to be a huge success, in line with their reputation as an enterprising company.

Kent & Sussex Courier¬†–¬†Wednesday 28 February 1900

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