“Revival of Irish Fashion: Her Majesty’s Visit Boosts Limerick Lace and Frieze Demand”

Her Majesty’s visit to the Sister Isle sparked a renewed interest in all things Irish, leading to increased demand for previously neglected items like Limerick lace, which became popular for trimming poplin gowns. Additionally, Irish frieze was more commonly used in tailor-made costumes due to its durability and ever-lasting nature. The poor relations often received these long-lasting frocks from their wealthy cousins, who grew tired of them before they showed any signs of wear.

This frieze fabric came in a variety of beautiful colors, including khaki, and was often paired with shamrock green velvet to create unique and fashionable outfits. Among the various branches of Irish manufacturing, however, there was one that may not have experienced the same level of success: “bog oak” jewelry. Despite its intricate craftsmanship, this form of jewelry was unfortunately saddled with a negative stigma as a “timbo oruarnaza.”

Overall, the visit of her Majesty to the Sister Isle brought forth a renewed appreciation for traditional Irish fashion and craftsmanship, reigniting demand for long-neglected items such as Limerick lace and Irish frieze. In contrast, “bog oak” jewelry continued to face an uphill battle for acceptance and appreciation.

Daily News (London)¬†–¬†Saturday 17 March 1900

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