“A Heartfelt Ceremony: Irish Soldiers’ Families Present a Bouquet to Queen Victoria By Lady Limerick”

On Tuesday morning, an interesting and touching ceremony took place at the Viceregal Lodge, connected with the Queen’s visit to Ireland. The wives and widows of Irish soldiers who had participated in the South African War initiated a subscription to present a bouquet to the Queen. The Countess of Limerick, known for her sympathy and support for the Irish troops and their families, helped arrange the presentation to the Queen.

Little Agnes Hartigan, the daughter of Sergeant-Major Hartigan of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, was chosen for the honor of presenting the bouquet to the Queen, accompanied by her mother. Lady Limerick met with them and joined them in the drawing-room for the presentation. Upon the Queen’s arrival, Lord Denbigh introduced Mrs. Hartigan and her daughter, and Her Majesty graciously accepted the beautiful bouquet, adorned with the regimental ribbons of Irish regiments serving at the front.

The remaining money subscribed, amounting to £22, was placed in a purse, and the Queen instructed it to be handed over to the Irish Soldiers and Sailors’ Families Association. The Queen then conversed with Mrs. Hartigan and Agnes for some time, leaving them deeply honored and delighted by the experience.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 28 April 1900

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