“Celebrating Irish Talent: Lady Limerick and Miss Burke Irwin, Music enthusiasts and War Fund Workers”

Lady Limerick and her sister, Miss Burke Irwin, were well-known Irish ladies renowned for their tireless work supporting War Funds as talented musicians. Both sisters have appeared at countless concerts in aid of the absent-minded beggar, with Lady Limerick on piano and Miss Burke Irwin on violin.

At the age of 16, Miss Burke Irwin played for Dr. Joachim and Sir Alexander Mackenzie, who were both highly impressed with her abilities and offered to bring her to London if she decided to pursue a career in music. As a favorite pupil of Signor Guido Papini, Miss Burke Irwin studied in Italy and London. Lady Limerick, a remarkable pianist, once played for the legendary Anton Rubinstein during her childhood, who commended her talent. Both sisters have had numerous beautiful compositions dedicated to them.

While Lady Limerick currently resides at her home, Dromore Castle in Limerick, Miss Burke Irwin lives with her father at Stelleen, Drogheda, County Meath, on the banks of the River Boyne. Lady Limerick is fond of hunting with her pack during winter, while Miss Burke Irwin prefers to follow the South Meath Hounds. Their passion for music and their commitment to War Funds are a testament to their versatile talents and dedication to their country.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 26 May 1900

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