“Mayor of Hastings Praises Ireland Visit, Expresses Concern for Limerick’s Economic Struggles”

In June 1900, Mayor of Hastings, Alderman Tuppenney, expressed satisfaction with his visit to Ireland to attend a gathering of members of the Association of Municipal Corporations. He found Dublin to have an air of contentment and prosperity and was impressed with the kindness and attention he and the other visitors received from the Irish people. Tuppenney believes that visits from the English, such as the recent visit from the Queen, have brought the two countries closer together and will ultimately have a positive effect on both nations.

However, Tuppenney noted that Limerick, a small town known for its lace and hams, is unfortunately not experiencing growth and success due to a history of labor strikes. These strikes have negatively impacted the local economy and stalled development in the area. The specific industries or instances of strikes that have caused this decline in Limerick’s fortunes were not detailed by the Alderman.

Hastings and St Leonards Observer – Saturday 16 June 1900

Image Credit: Ludlow Collection.

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