“Queen Victoria’s Visit to Ireland: Celebrating the Children of Limerick and Beyond”

In April 1900, Queen Victoria visited Ireland and attended a highly successful children’s festival held in Phoenix Park. The event gathered between 30,000 and 40,000 children from all parts of Ireland, including 1,500 from Limerick, to celebrate and honor the Queen. Parents and guardians, regardless of their creed, politics, and religion, supported their children’s participation in this popular event, knowing it would be a pleasant memory for their young ones.

Unfortunately, upon returning from Dublin, an excursion party was met with riotous behavior in Tipperary, including pelting and a rick set on fire. Authorities struggled to put out the flames due to the mob’s interference.

Undeterred, Queen Victoria continued her visit in Dublin, accompanied by Princess Christian, who laid the foundation stone for the new nursing home attached to the City of Dublin Hospital. Subsequently, the Queen commanded that the institution include “Royal” in its title. During her stay, the Queen was pleased with her warm reception while driving through the city and took another drive with Princess Victoria of Battenberg and Lady Antrim. Despite inclement weather, the Queen’s health reportedly benefited from her visit to Ireland.

Leeds Times – Saturday 14 April 1900

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