“Supporting Disabled Soldiers and Sailors: Henry Cleeve’s Generous Donation for a Memorial Home in Ireland”

We would like to inform you that Mr. Cleeves, Sheriff of Limerick, has generously donated £500 to be used in a scheme related to the Soldiers and Sailors as a memorial of their visit to Ireland. After considering the proposal, we believe that this sum should serve as the starting point for a home for soldiers and sailors who have returned from the war with permanent disabilities and are unable to work.

We hope the home will be named “The Victoria Home for Soldiers and Sailors.” To carry out this plan and maintain the facility once it is operational, it is evident that a significant amount of money will be needed.

Major Houtville of Loughlinstown House in County Dublin, the honorary treasurer of the Society, will receive and acknowledge donations and pledges of assistance.

We are confident that our readers will swiftly and generously respond to this appeal, which is undoubtedly a worthy cause for the entire community.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 19 May 1900

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