“Tragic Shooting Incident in Ireland: Death of Rev. J.W.F. Hudson, Rector of Clarina”

The Rev. J.W.F. Hudson, the rector of Clarina, who had been allegedly shot by Thomas Smith, a farmer, succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

Judge Adams, speaking at the Limerick Quarter Sessions, denounced this tragic incident and criticized the practice of allowing firearms to remain in the hands of irresponsible individuals. It has been reported that the suspect, Smith, had been behaving in a peculiar manner leading up to the event.

Thomas Smith, a farmer from County Limerick, has been remanded on charges of firing at and dangerously wounding his local rector. This violent incident has left the community shaken as it struggles to comprehend the motives behind such an attack on a clergyman.

An inquest held in Limerick following the shooting of Reverend I.W.F. Hudson, the Rector of Kilkeedy, on a highway. The jury concluded that Hudson died due to injuries to his spinal cord and identified the shooter as Thomas Smith. There is no further information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting or the identity and motive of the shooter.

At the funeral of Reverend J. Hudson, who was shot and killed by a farmer near Limerick. The Bishop of Limerick Dr Bunbury officiated, and expressed hope that Hudson’s death would inspire a movement to counteract alcoholism in Ireland.

Nottingham Evening Post – Tuesday 29 May 1900

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