Aubrey De Vere, Renowned Poet and Friend of Wordsworth and Tennyson, Enjoys Summer in Ireland at Curragh Chase

Aubrey De Vere, the esteemed poet and close friend of renowned literary figures William Wordsworth and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is currently enjoying the summer in Ireland with his older brother, Sir Stephen De Vere. The two are residing at Curragh Chase, Sir Stephen’s beautiful home in County Limerick. Aged around ninety, Aubrey De Vere continues to indulge his love for literature and the arts, surrounded by the idyllic Irish countryside.

Sir Stephen De Vere has welcomed his young kinsman, into his home and life. The son of Captain Aubrey De Vere, has been adopted by Sir Stephen as his heir. This act of love and kinship serves to further solidify the strong bond that unites the de Vere family and ensures the continuation of the de Vere legacy.

Curragh Chase, the stunning familial home, is set amid lush landscapes – an environment that offers not only a refuge for poets like Aubrey De Vere and his esteemed literary friends but also a catalyst for creativity and inspiration. The De Vere family’s association with poetry and the literary community speaks to a tradition of intellectual pursuits and artistic endeavors that has spanned generations.

As Aubrey De Vere spends his summer alongside his brother and his newly adopted heir, one can only imagine the conversations, laughter, and shared memories taking place at Curragh Chase. Within the walls of this beautiful home, the past, present, and future of the De Vere family’s storied legacy continue to intertwine and unfold, enriched by the enchanting landscape of Ireland’s countryside.

Gloucester Citizen – Monday 13 August 1900

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