Labour members of Limerick Town Council nominate Alderman John Daly as Independent Labour candidate for General Election

The Labour members of Limerick Town Council are gearing up to nominate the city’s mayor, Alderman John Daly, as an Independent Labour candidate for Limerick during the upcoming General Election. This decision reflects their belief in Daly’s capacity to represent the people and their interests in the political arena, despite the challenges he faced earlier in his career.

John Daly’s political journey has been marked by controversy and resilience. He was first elected as a member of the Limerick City Council while incarcerated in Portland Prison, a testament to his widespread support among the local population. However, the House of Commons, in its first sitting following the election, declared his victory void and the seat vacant. This decision led to another electoral contest, in which Mr. O’Keefe scored a narrow win against the Parnellite candidate Joseph Nolan, securing the position as the council’s representative.

Despite this setback, John Daly continued to command respect and admiration, as evidenced by his subsequent election as Mayor of Limerick. Now, as the General Election approaches, the Labour members of the Town Council are placing their trust in Daly once more by putting him forward as their Independent Labour candidate. This decision highlights the unwavering support he enjoys among his constituents and underscores their belief in his ability to advocate for their needs at the highest level of government.

Dundee Courier – Thursday 30 August 1900

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