Limerick City Artillery Militia Gunner Fined for Drunken Disorderly Conduct in Sheerness

James Molley, a gunner with the Limerick City Artillery Militia currently in training at Sheerness, was charged and found guilty of being drunk and disorderly on Union Street on July 19th. Molley pleaded guilty to the charges, and Police-constable Quested provided details of the incidents, which included causing disturbances at the Waterman’s Arms pub and a fried fish shop, refusing to leave, and drawing a crowd on the street. A corporal testified in Molley’s defense, stating he had a good character. The court ultimately fined Molley 2s. 6d. and an additional 5s. in costs, which Molley paid.

Sheerness Guardian and East Kent Advertiser – Saturday 28 July 1900

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