Limerick Labour Party Manifesto for the Irish General Election 1900

The Limerick Labour Party has recently issued a manifesto addressing the upcoming general election. Signed by Mayor Daly and other prominent figures, the document examines the state of Irish politics over the past 20 years, emphasizing its struggles and disappointments. The manifesto attributes these negative outcomes to party representation, which has resulted in division, humiliation, and national disgrace for Ireland.

The manifesto criticizes those responsible for Ireland’s political travails, stating that they should end their disgraceful quarrels and feigning unity. Instead of funding the perpetuation of the very problems that have led the country to become the laughing stock of the world, the manifesto suggests that the Irish should pursue alternative means to achieve their goals.

Unlike the Transvaal Republics, the Irish people must focus on electing members to Parliament who will actively advocate for legislative rights. The manifesto urges the electorate to support candidates who, if denied these rights, will return to Ireland and promote self-government. Additionally, these leaders should emphasize the importance of fostering local industries and utilizing their time and resources to make a direct, positive impact within the nation, rather than relying on political power from London.

The Limerick Labour Party manifesto represents a call to action for the Irish electorate, demanding a shift in political strategy and the prioritization of home-grown solutions to secure a brighter future for the nation.

Nottingham Evening Post – Saturday 08 September 1900

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