Sunday Drinking in Ireland: A Report on the Issue of Drunkenness in Various Cities including Limerick

A report on Sunday drinking in Ireland reveals the issue of drunkenness across various cities, including Limerick. The data, which covers a twelve-month period, shows a total of 964 “Sabbath drunks” in Belfast, Cork, Limerick, and Waterford. Belfast leads the list with the highest number of arrests, followed by Cork with 182 less. Limerick, on the other hand, demonstrates a relatively lower prevalence of Sunday drunkenness, with only 147 arrests reported during the same timeframe. Waterford trails closely behind Limerick, with 20 fewer arrests than the latter.

Despite the lower numbers, Limerick’s struggle with Sunday drinking is part of a broader issue affecting numerous cities across Ireland. The capital city, Dublin, surpassed the aforementioned cities with a total of 1,008 arrests related to Sunday drunkenness. Collectively, the entire country experienced 2,775 arrests over the twelve-month period, averaging approximately 53 arrests per Sunday.

In light of these statistics, it is evident that Sunday drinking remains a concern for many cities in Ireland, including Limerick. The city’s comparatively lower arrest figures, however, may suggest that local authorities and communities have been more successful in addressing the problem or that cultural attitudes towards Sunday drinking differ from other cities. Nonetheless, Limerick’s continued vigilance and efforts to curb this issue remain critical in promoting overall public health and social stability within the city and beyond.

Coventry Evening Telegraph¬†–¬†Thursday 23 August 1900

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