Gruesome Murder of Two Farm Servants Near Limerick: Investigation Reveals Doubt on Accused’s Claims

Kilbane, a town near Limerick, was recently shocked by a gruesome murder involving two farm servants. John Sullivan, one of the farm servants, has been remanded after being accused of killing his co-worker Michael Clifford.

Both men were discovered in bed with their throats cut. While Clifford died from his wounds, Sullivan survived and claimed that an unidentified individual entered their room and committed the atrocious act.

However, as the investigation proceeds, evidence continues to mount against Sullivan, casting doubt on his version of the events that transpired. The local community awaits further details as authorities work to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident.

Dundee Courier – Thursday 11 October 1900

Extraordinary Murder Case Near Limerick: Farm Servant on Trial

A sensational murder trial took place near Limerick, involving two farm servants, John Sullivan and Michael Clifford. On the morning of September, both men were discovered with their throats cut, with Clifford dead and Sullivan sustaining severe injuries. Sullivan claimed an unknown man broke into their room and attacked them. However, evidence presented yesterday contradicted his statement. Sullivan has been remanded, as investigators continue to unravel the case.

Liverpool Mercury – Thursday 11 October 1900

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