12-Year-Old Girls Charged with Stealing and Illegal Possession of Clocks and Shirts in 1900 Ireland

Today, at the police courts, 12-year-old Agnes Gilmore and Violet Hegarty from 136 Francis Street were charged by Detectives Malone and Smyth with stealing from Messrs. Arnott and Company on Henry Street. The girls allegedly stole three clocks valued at £3, three shirts valued at 12s, and from Messrs. Cleary and Co. on Lower Sackville Street, two clocks valued at £2. They were also charged with having the stolen items illegally in their possession and pawning them at different pawn shops. Gilmore was sent to Heytesbury Street Industrial School for four years, while Hegarty was sent to St. Joseph’s School in Limerick for five years.

Belfast News-Letter – Friday 03 August 1900

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