Limerick Council Awards Freedom of the City to Mr. Kruger in Heated Debate – Dundee Courier 1900

During a meeting of the Limerick Corporation, chaired by Mayor John Daly, the council members conferred the freedom of the city on Miss Maud Gonne. Subsequently, Councillor Wheelan and Councillor Moran proposed the same honor be awarded to Mr. Kruger. This suggestion was met with a counter-proposal by Councillor Stokes and Councillor Hayes, leading to a heated debate. The audience expressed their support for Kruger by cheering and threatening to remove Hayes. In the end, the council adopted the original resolution to award the freedom of Limerick to Mr. Kruger, with a vote of 9 to 2.

Dundee Courier¬†–¬†Friday 14 December 1900

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