Reviving the Spirit of Irish Representation: The Strategy of the Irish Party for the Upcoming Session (1900)

The appeal issued to the Irish people, signed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Raphoe, Mr. J. Redmond, and Alderman O’Mara, of Limerick, sheds light on the Irish party’s strategy for the upcoming session. The party intends to revive their old spirit of activity and discipline, emphasizing the need for all members to contribute to the cause rather than relying on the efforts of only a few individuals.

The new organization aims to ensure every member of the party maintains constant and committed attendance at Westminster. This is intended to provide a strong return on investment for those who contribute to the fund, designed to support this effort.

By drawing on memories of past fervent Irish representation, prior to 1885, the appeal signals the return of unwavering and passionate promotion of Irish affairs by a determined group of eighty eloquent and vocal members, all striving to keep Irish concerns at the forefront of discussion and debate.

Gloucester Citizen – Friday 21 December 1900

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