Judge Adams Weighs in on Railway Amalgamation’s Impact on Traders and Litigants

Judge Adams recently provided his opinion on the railway amalgamation between Waterford and Limerick and the Great Southern companies. The case involved Mr. John Bourke from Bradford, Co. Clare, who sued the Waterford and Limerick Company for the recovery of damages sustained by cattle when conveyed by the company. The plaintiff asked to amend the process, making the Great Southern & Western Company a defendant, as the Waterford Company had ceased to exist under the amalgamation.

Judge Adams stated that the Great Southern Company, which has already cut off the train from Limerick impacting newspaper deliveries and litigants alike, should answer to their liabilities. He also mentioned that the railway company has treated the Irish traders and stockholders with neglect, which has detrimental effects on the country’s trade.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 08 January 1901

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