“Alien charged with stealing purse, leaving victim’s marriage plans uncertain”

At Hull Police Court, an alien named Frederick Orlowski was charged with stealing a purse containing £10 10s. in gold and 7s. 6d. in silver from a joiner named William Turner Savin. The two men were lodged together, and on Saturday morning, Savin discovered his purse and money were missing after a night of drinking with Orlowski and their landlord. Orlowski was arrested, and the money was found in his possession.

Savin told the court he was supposed to leave for Limerick on Saturday to get married. In response, Mr. Twiss, the Stipendiary Magistrate, sympathetically acknowledged the dilemma Savin found himself in and agreed to see if he could dispose of the case that same day. However, with only a few coppers left, Savin’s situation remained financially dire.

Later in the day, Orlowski pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six weeks in prison. The outcome still left uncertainties around Savin’s planned marriage.

Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 23 November 1900

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