In Irish Brigade: A Thrilling Tale of Heroism and Adventure by G. Henry

Title: In Irish Brigade
Author: G. Henry

A Review

In G. Henry’s captivating and heart-racing novel, “In Irish Brigade,” readers are transported into a historical moment in which Irishmen faced a unique set of circumstances. Unable to enlist in the English army, these spirited individuals were compelled to seek a soldier’s life in foreign lands. In this story, G. Henry presents a thrilling narration that embraces the healthiest and imaginations of its youthful readers, transporting them into a world of heroism, adventure, and bravery.

The protagonist of this tale is a courageous young officer in the Irish Brigade, which, for many years after the notorious Siege of Limerick, formed the backbone of the French army. This gallant character embarks on a series of ventures that test both his physical and moral strength, as he successfully carries out multiple dangerous missions in Spain.

In one of the most enthralling moments of the book, the young officer saves a large fraction of the French army at Ondeuarde through a feat of audacious daring. Pushing the limits of bravery, he then goes on to kidnap the Prime Minister of England. These exploits not only highlight the significance of the Irish Brigade during that era but also reflect the resilience of the Irish spirit.

The novel, adorned in a handsome binding, is further graced by the presence of splendid illustrations that add visual depth to the already rich narrative. Undoubtedly, “In Irish Brigade” promises to garner strong admiration, particularly among young readers, who will undoubtedly find in it an education in courage and tenacity.

In conclusion, G. Henry’s “In Irish Brigade” is a thrilling and heroic tale that resonates with the best instincts of boyhood. It not only serves to entertain but also sheds light on a remarkable chapter in Irish history.

Western Daily Press – Wednesday 14 November 1900

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