The Humorous Poem That Made a Judge Adjourn Court: A Story from 1900

Several years ago, Mr. Justice Day was the judge on the Munster circuit, and there were so many prisoners for trial in Limerick that it was feared he wouldn’t be able to open the commission for Kerry, Tralee without sitting very late. Despite this, he continued working long after the usual time, disregarding the complaints from various members of the Bar, who were all getting terribly hungry but Mr. Justice Day paid no attention to their complaints.

Finally, when the dinner hour had long passed, a slip of paper was handed to him upon the crier’s wand. He read it, smiled, and announced that he thought he would adjourn. The paper contained these lines:

“Try men by night! My lord, forbear;
Think what the wicked world will say;
Methinks I hear the rogues declare
That justice was not done by Day.”

After reading this clever poem, Mr. Justice Day seemingly recognized the humor and decided it was time to adjourn for the day, allowing the hungry members of the Bar to finally have their dinner.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Monday 19 November 1900

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