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Justice Day's Unconventional Adjournment |

Justice Day’s Unconventional Adjournment

In the annals of legal history, there have been many moments when the courtroom atmosphere transcended the solemnity of the law and ventured into the realm of humour and wit. Such a moment occurred several years ago in Limerick when Mr Justice Day presided over a courtroom bustling with prisoners awaiting trial. The events of that day, marked by a hunger-induced protest from members of the Bar, culminated in an unconventional adjournment prompted by a cleverly composed poem. This article delves into this amusing anecdote that showcases the lighter side of the legal profession.

The Overcrowded Courtroom

The stage for this humorous incident was set in Limerick, where Mr Justice Day was presiding over a court session on the Munster circuit. The docket was overflowing with prisoners awaiting trial, to the extent that there were legitimate concerns about the judge’s ability to open the commission for Kerry, Tralee, without sitting into the late hours of the day. The anticipation of a long day in the courtroom loomed over all present.

Justice Day’s Unwavering Commitment

Despite the daunting caseload and the growing hunger pangs of the legal professionals present, Justice Day remained steadfast in his commitment to dispense justice. He continued working well beyond the usual time, paying no heed to the complaints that were emanating from various members of the Bar. The grumbling and rumbling of empty stomachs began to compete with the legal arguments being presented.

A Clever Intervention

As the day wore on and the dinner hour had long passed, a small slip of paper was discreetly handed to Justice Day. It was perched atop the crier’s wand and bore a message that would soon bring a smile to the judge’s face. He read the lines contained on that slip of paper, and as the wit and humour of the message washed over him, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

The cleverly composed poem reads as follows:

“Try men by night! My lord, forbear;
Think what the wicked world will say;
Methinks I hear the rogues declare
That justice was not done by Day.”

Recognizing the Humor

Justice Day, having appreciated the wit and light-heartedness of the message, decided it was time to acknowledge the hunger of those present in the courtroom. With a smile, he announced that he thought he would adjourn for the day. It was a moment of levity that provided much-needed relief to the famished members of the Bar, who had endured the prolonged session with admirable patience.

Easing Tensions

The tale of Mr Justice Day’s unconventional adjournment serves as a delightful reminder that even within the hallowed halls of justice, humour and wit can find their place. In a profession often associated with gravitas and solemnity, this incident showcases the human side of the legal system. It underscores the importance of camaraderie and the shared experiences that lawyers, judges, and court personnel go through, even in the most trying of circumstances.

While Justice Day’s commitment to his duty was unwavering, his willingness to recognize the needs and humour of those around him humanized the courtroom experience. The cleverly crafted poem that led to the adjournment not only provided a moment of respite but also left an indelible mark on the legal history of Limerick. It is a testament to the fact that even in the most serious of settings, a touch of humour can go a long way in easing tensions and bringing smiles to the faces of all involved.

In the end, Justice Day’s decision to adjourn, prompted by a simple yet cleverly worded message, allowed the hungry members of the Bar to finally have their dinner. It is a lighthearted anecdote that has undoubtedly been retold and cherished in legal circles, serving as a reminder that even in the pursuit of justice, a sense of humour can be a welcome companion.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Monday 19 November 1900

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