Young Postmistress in Limerick, Accused Of Embezzlement

In Limerick, a 17-year-old girl named Kate O’Connor has been accused of embezzling several sums of money from the Post Office. The accused had taken over for her parents after their death last June, leaving her in charge of a younger brother and sister as well as a bedridden grandmother with no means of support. She had been recently hired as the sub-postmistress, with a salary of only £8 17s 6d a year, out of which £2 had to be deducted for rent.

Ms. O’Connor has reportedly embezzled money from the Post Office, including opening a letter and taking out £2 from a girl sending money to her father. She has also been accused of improperly appropriating several postal orders for her own use.

The Post Office has not called for a severe sentence, and the police have testified that the accused has otherwise been a good character. The solicitor for the accused has asked for leniency, citing her youth and inexperience as contributing factors to her actions.

The judge overseeing the case has decided not to impose a severe sentence but instead allowed the accused to be released on her recognisance under the condition of the First Offenders Act. The judge also issued a stern warning to the accused along with the hope of improvement. The sum of £2 taken from the letter has not been refunded, but the judge has offered to pay it back himself.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 04 January 1901

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