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Battle Over Road Maintenance Powers in Limerick County Council | Limerick Gazette Archives

Battle Over Road Maintenance Powers in Limerick County Council

Representatives of the Limerick County Council recently met with Chief Secretary for Ireland, George Wyndham, to discuss the granting of powers for the maintenance of principal roads in the county. The council put forth a request to employ labour directly through their County Surveyor, a practice already implemented in authorities in England, Scotland, and Wales. The proposal aims to streamline the process of road maintenance in Limerick County and provide greater control over the work conducted on the roads. While the council looks forward to this change, George Wyndham highlighted the importance of exercising caution before implementing any significant changes. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive plan that would ensure suitable road selection, proper labour supervision, staff amendment, and appropriate wage rates to avoid an additional burden on ratepayers.

The introduction of direct labour employment for the County Council is a significant development that would enhance the efficiency of road maintenance and repair works. This move would provide the council with better control over the process, enabling them to manage the work more effectively, and consequently, provide better service to the public. The potential agreement on introducing these powers for the County Council is a positive development that will benefit both the council and the citizens of Limerick County. With proper planning and execution, this change will lead to more effective and efficient road maintenance and repairs, contributing to safer and more comfortable driving conditions for motorists. The development is a clear indication of the County Council’s commitment to improving infrastructure and ensuring the welfare of their constituents.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 26 January 1901