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Proclamation of King George V in Limerick, Ireland |

Proclamation of King George V in Limerick, Ireland

On a rainy day in Limerick, history was made as thousands of people gathered in the streets to witness the proclamation of King George V. The ceremony was held at the Courthouse, where the City High King and a military escort were present to add to the grandeur of the event. Sir Thomas Cleeve stepped up to the podium and formally declared King George V as the monarch of Ireland, much to the delight of the crowd who cheered and sang “God Save the King” while the English National Anthem played in the background.

The ceremony was not without opposition, as some preferred the Queen to be the monarch of Ireland. Despite this, the event did proceed peacefully, with only a minor disturbance when a protester shouted at the Sheriff’s convoy. However, the situation was quickly brought under control. The crowd also paid their respects at the O’Connell Monument, a touching moment that showed their deep respect for their country and its heritage.

Despite the rain, the spirits of the people who witnessed the ceremony were not dampened. The occasion was one of great importance and significance, and the people of Limerick showed their respect and loyalty to King George V. The weather may have been unfavourable, but the event was a resounding success, and it remains a significant moment in the history of Limerick. It marked a new dawn for the country, under the rule of King George V, and paved the way for many changes that would shape Limerick’s future. In conclusion, the proclamation of King George V was a historic event that brought the people of Limerick together, despite their differences. It showed the world the strength of their loyalty and patriotism and set the stage for a new era of progress and development. It remains an essential moment in the history of Limerick, and its significance will be remembered for many years to come.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 30 January 1901

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