Glenhafren Steamer Stranded After Violent Storm Hits Limerick Port: Crew Safe, Authorities Monitoring Situation Closely

The Glenhafren steamer is a large vessel that has been servicing the port of Limerick for many years. This ship is a vital part of the local economy, and the crew has always been vigilant when it comes to sailing in difficult weather conditions. However, the north-western gale that hit Limerick was particularly violent, and it caught them off guard. They had just finished discharging a cargo of grain from Baltimore, and they were making their way back to the port when the ship was swept off course. The crew tried their best to steer the ship back on course, but the wind was too strong, and they found themselves stranded on a muddy bank.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident, and there was no significant damage to the ship. However, the vessel remains high and dry on the opposite bank, unable to move until the tide comes back in. The Glenhafren steamer has a long and storied history, having been in operation for over a century. It has weathered many storms, and the crew has always been able to navigate through difficult waters. However, this recent incident is a reminder that even the most experienced sailors can be caught off guard by the unpredictable power of nature.

The port authorities in Limerick have assured the public that they are doing everything they can to assist the crew of the Glenhafren. They are monitoring the situation closely and are working with the ship’s owners to develop a plan to refloat the vessel when the tide comes back in. In the meantime, the crew is safe and sound and is being well taken care of by the port authorities. They are grateful for the support and assistance they have received from the local community and are confident that they will be able to get the ship back on course soon. This incident is a reminder that sailing is a dangerous and unpredictable business, but it is also a testament to the resilience and determination of those who make their livelihoods on the water.

Lincolnshire Echo – Monday 28 January 1901

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