Challenges Faced by Grand Canal Company with Emphasis on Limerick Canal Operations

The half-yearly meeting of the Grand Canal Company discussed various challenges faced during the past six months, with a particular focus on issues related to the Limerick Canal. Due to poor weather conditions, the company saw a decrease in freights and tolls, which impacted its Limerick Canal operations. Additionally, increased expenses were incurred as coal and other material prices rose.

A major issue facing the company involves the Board of Works, which resulted in an unsatisfactory situation regarding trading over the Shannon and Limerick Canal. This has affected the company’s ability to operate and profit from its Limerick Canal route.

Despite the difficulties, dividends were declared for the half-year ending December, and the existing board members were re-elected as directors of the company. The management is committed to addressing these challenges and focusing on the interests of the company, with an emphasis on improving operations in the Limerick Canal.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Friday 15 February 1901

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