“Condemnation of Proselytism in Limerick and its Impact on Public Peace”

In a recent case at the local police court, Mr. W.F. Hickson, the Resident Magistrate, strongly condemned proselytism, in which religious conversion is aggressively pursued. This judgment was directed towards those who have been spreading this practice in Limerick for years. The solicitor for a man named Forsyth, who was accused of assaulting two men while acting as a protector of proselytizers, pointed out the disapproval of such tactics by Protestants. Mr. Hickson described the tactics as “despicable,” making it difficult to understand how the “Church Mission to Roman Catholics” could continue to support such activities. Recent events have shown that the presence of medical missionaries in the city, whose primary goal is proselytism, is disrupting public peace.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 16 February 1901

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