Limerick Night Watch Cannot Be Disbanded: Auditor’s Report on City Accounts Addresses Maintaining the Watch

The Town Clerk of Limerick has received a report on the city accounts for fifteen months, ending March 1899, from Mr. Ellis, a Government Board auditor, who addresses the question of whether the Limerick night watch should be maintained. A resolution was passed to disband the watch, but later it was rescinded. Despite this, the watch members continued their duties, and after consideration, their wages for that period were paid by the Corporation. It has been requested to disallow these wages, but the auditor does not see any reason to do so.

Limerick City Night Watch (1902) Back: P Hayes, R Gleeson, P Sheahan, S Meany, J McNamara. Front: J Gilligan (Inspector), S Leo, W Lynch, J Hayes, J Lahiff, J Bourke, J McNamara (Inspector).

Photo By: T Bernard, 7 Rutland Street, Limerick.

Before the Limerick Improvement Act 1853, the duty of maintaining night constables to patrol the city fell upon the dissolved Commissioners of St. Michael’s Parish. The responsibilities of these Commissioners were transferred to the Corporation of Limerick, and the auditor believes that, in the absence of any other adequate provisions, it would be an irregular use of their powers to do away with the night watch. They have the power to dispense with individual members for reasonable cause, but they cannot divest themselves of their duties and responsibilities as the successors of the Commissioners of St. Michael’s Parish, given the current state of the law.

The Auditor pays a high compliment to the City Treasurer, Mr. Woulfe, the Town Clerk, Mr. W. Nolan, and Assistant Town Clerk, Mr. A. Killeen, for the manner in which the accounts have been kept, and for the prompt and valuable assistance provided during the audit.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 12 February 1901

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