“Perseverance in Politics: The Appointment of James F. Barry as Limerick’s City High Sheriff”

During their last meeting, the Limerick Corporation assembled to discuss several important matters, among them the selection of suitable candidates for the distinguished role of city high sheriff. The Corporation narrowed their choices down to three prominent Labour Party members, each possessing unique qualifications and experience.

The ultimate decision, however, rested with the Lord Lieutenant, who was responsible for appointing the city high sheriff. After careful consideration, the Lord Lieutenant selected Mr. James F. Barry, a prominent figure in local politics. Interestingly, Mr. Barry had recently faced defeat in the mayoral election, but this did not deter the Lord Lieutenant from recognizing his potential to fulfill the role of city high sheriff.

This decision underscored the importance of perseverance and adaptability in politics, as well as highlighted the impartial nature of the appointment process. In choosing Mr. Barry, the Lord Lieutenant demonstrated that past electoral disappointments did not necessarily preclude a candidate from serving the city in a different capacity.

The appointment of Mr. James F. Barry as the city high sheriff marked a new chapter in Limerick’s political landscape, as the city embraced the values of fairness and opportunity, regardless of previous setbacks. It served as a reminder that, in politics and public service, one’s commitment to the community and ability to overcome challenges are crucial factors in securing essential positions of leadership and influence.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 February 1901

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