Clan-na-Gael and Theater Fans Clash at New York Dock

An amusing incident occurred in New York when Mayor Daly of Limerick, who had been touring the United States advocating for “liberation of Ireland,” was seen off by a delegation from Clan-na-Gael as he sailed for home on the Majestic. On the same ship, Miss Alice Nielson’s light opera company, including a group of beautiful girls, were sailing to perform at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London.

A crowd of young men came to see off the girls, and one of them waved a large Union Jack in the face of a Clan-na-Gael member. This act was perceived as a deliberate insult, leading to an attack on the flag-waver. Subsequently, a free fight ensued between the Clan-na-Gael supporters and the young admirers of the opera company. The brawl became so fierce that the police were called to intervene, resulting in several arrests.

Yorkshire Evening Post – Friday 22 March 1901

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