High Sheriff Sir Thomas Cleeve Adds Golden Shamrock to Limerick Chain Office

In Limerick, Sir Thomas Cleeve, a Conservative High Sheriff, added a golden shamrock to the chain office before handing it over to Mr. J Barry. The golden shamrock’s leaves are inscribed with significant events that occurred during Sir Thomas’s two years in office. These events include the visit of members of the Houses of Lords and Commons to Ireland, being entertained at Cruise’s Hotel on May 29th, 1899, the Queen’s visit to Ireland on April 4th, 1900, and the presentation of an address from loyal citizens of Limerick at the Viceregal Lodge. The final inscription records the Queen’s death, the King’s accession, and the General Election in October 1900, in which the Unionist Government was returned.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 05 March 1901

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