Ill-Conducted Railway Passengers Cause Damage and Disturbance

Edward Hartigan and another man, both believed to be from Ardagh, County Limerick, were charged by the Great Southern and Western Railway Company for causing wanton damage to a train. The men reportedly smashed three plate-glass side lights, two door lights, a ventilator, cut a cushion in a third-class carriage, broke a light rack, and damaged a mahogany advertisement frame during their journey from Junction the previous night. The estimated value of the damaged property is 10s.

Mr. James Brady acted as the prosecutor on behalf of the railway company, while Inspector William Lumming also attended the trial. Martin Fox, the guard of the train, testified that the two accused men were behaving poorly during the entire journey, causing alarm to other passengers. Although they did not appear intoxicated, Fox had to caution them at Goold’s Cross due to their unruly behavior.

Upon the train’s arrival at Kingsbridge, the extent of the damage was assessed. The case was adjourned and the accused men were remanded until the next hearing on Thursday.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 30 March 1901

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