Jury Disagrees in the Wilful Murder Trial of John Sullivan

The trial of labourer John Sullivan, accused of the wilful murder of fellow labourer Michael Clifford, ended inconclusively last evening in Limerick before Chief Baron Clifford. This is the second time the jury has been unable to reach a unanimous verdict, leading to the prisoner being remanded for trial at the next assizes.

Clifford and Sullivan were both employees of a Mr. Nolan and shared sleeping quarters. On one fateful morning, Clifford was discovered in their shared bed with his throat cut, while Sullivan was lying beside him. The two men had reportedly quarreled previously, raising suspicions about the nature of the crime.

This case was first presented during the last winter assizes held in Cork, ending in a similar stalemate when the jury failed to reach an agreement. Eyewitnesses present at the Limerick trial report there was intense debate and discussion among the jurors, but ultimately, their inability to agree resulted in the decision to discharge them and remand the prisoner for a future trial.

The community now eagerly awaits the continuation of this case during the next assizes, hoping that a third trial will shed more light on the truth behind the tragic death of Michael Clifford and determine John Sullivan’s guilt or innocence.

Guernsey Evening Press and Star – Friday 08 March 1901

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