Limerick Assizes: Grand Jury Addresses Sympathy and Oath of Accession Concerns

At the Limerick Assizes, the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland was presented with resolutions from the Grand Jury. These resolutions expressed condolences to King Edward VII and his family following Queen Victoria’s death. Additionally, the Grand Jury requested the removal of specific words in the Oath of Accession that they believed were offensive to a large number of the King’s subjects.

During the Limerick Assizes, the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland acknowledged the Grand Jury’s resolutions and their concerns. The expression of sympathy towards the British monarchy underlined the connection between Ireland and the United Kingdom, despite ongoing political tensions. The request to amend the Oath of Accession indicated the need for inclusiveness and the desire to address any potentially offensive language, demonstrating a call for unity and mutual respect among all subjects of the King, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Portsmouth Evening News – Wednesday 06 March 1901

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