Limerick-born Surgeon-General Albert Gore, C.B., Passes Away: A Life of Bravery and Service Remembered

Our obituary reports that Surgeon-General Albert Gore, C.B., who died at Whitchurch, was born in Limerick. He had a distinguished military career as an assistant surgeon in the 16th Lancers, showed bravery during his service in West Africa, and was severely wounded in the Ashantee war. He also served as the principal medical officer in Egypt and Central India and was responsible for medical arrangements in Chitral and the North-west Frontier campaign of 1896-97.

Surgeon-General Albert Gore, C.B., had a notable and distinguished career which started in his birthplace, Limerick. His extensive service and bravery in various military campaigns earned him recognition and accolades. Besides his battlefield achievements, he contributed significantly to the advancement of medical care within the military. His legacy will be remembered and celebrated in Limerick and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew him and those who will learn of his exceptional service.

Manchester Evening News – Tuesday 12 March 1901

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