Limerick District Council Requests Loan for Labourers’ Cottages Despite Arrears

At the monthly meeting of the Limerick (No. 1) District Council, officials read a letter from the Commissioners of Public Works refusing to grant an additional loan of £6,770 for labourers’ cottages until the arrears of previous loans, amounting to £2,000, were paid. In response, the Council passed a resolution asking for the grant to be approved despite the arrears. Mr. William Hickey from the Land and Labour Association stated that the association was prepared to provide the money to compensate owners willing to give their plots to the labourers, as long as it was guaranteed that the money would be returned when the District Council received the loan. Following this, a resolution was passed asking owners and occupiers to give the plots to the labourers while receiving a guarantee from the District Council that the purchase money would be paid when the arbitrator’s award was made.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 05 March 1901

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