“Limerick Nationalists Rally Behind New Party at Fundraising Meeting”

Limerick saw a good turnout at the parliamentary fund meeting, with staunch Nationalists showing support for the new party despite past dissension. Father O’Donnelli, the admiral of St Michael’s, made a subscription and it is expected that other priests in the city will follow suit, with a sum of £35 being raised in just minutes. Mayor Daly made a denunciation of the Irish Bulletin in a recent protest, and High Sheriff James Hanly has shown interest in public affairs, presiding over a meeting of the Shop Assistants Association. The Boat Club and Institute for St Michael’s Women’s Sodality were also commended for their efforts, along with the City Branch of the Irish League. Father Kavanagh made an impassioned speech, urging for patriotism, preservation of the Gaelic language, home manufacture and temperance, warning of the dangers of armed resistance.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 23 March 1901

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