Limerick Quarter Sessions Presents White Gloves to Justice Adams

At the Limerick Quarter Sessions yesterday, Justice Adams was presented with a pair of white gloves, symbolizing that no criminal cases were heard during the session. In acknowledgment, Justice Adams stated that he is now forming one of the largest collections of white gloves in the world. The presentation of white gloves indicates a well-behaved Limerick community, where crime is at a low and law enforcement efforts have been effective.

This peaceful trend in Limerick is a testament to the combined efforts of local law enforcement, the justice system, and the citizens working together to build a safe and secure environment. The presentation of white gloves to Justice Adams not only signifies the absence of criminal cases but also serves as an inspiration for other communities to emulate Limerick’s achievements. By fostering a culture of collaboration and cooperation, Limerick is becoming a model of law and order for other cities and towns to follow.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 29 March 1901

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