Lord Chief Justice Criticizes Irish Church Missions During Opening of Spring Assizes in Limerick

At the opening of the Spring Assizes in Limerick yesterday, the Irish Church Missions received severe criticism from the Lord Chief Justice. During his address to the Grand Jury, the chief justice discussed the recent chaos in the city caused by the presence of Dr. Long, the agent of the Irish Church Missions.

We have previously reported on Dr. Long and his controversial methods, and yesterday, the Lord Chief Justice weighed in on the matter. Referring to the mobbing of the evangelistic doctor, the chief justice warned that people would be better off leaving agents like him alone, as any perceived martyrdom would likely only “secure that the monetary stream [comes] in a greater volume” from well-meaning and wealthy English supporters who don’t understand the true nature of the Irish Church Missions.

The Lord Chief Justice also emphasized that the respectable people of Limerick do not sympathize with the missions, and made a strong indictment against those who try to undermine the ancient faith of the majority of the country’s population. He also noted that there are other ways in which the Catholics of Ireland are being insulted, but concluded that it was a separate issue for another time.

Northants Evening Telegraph¬†–¬†Wednesday 06 March 1901

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