“Queen Alexandra and Notable Figures Boost Shamrock Movement for Soldiers’ Help Society”

Her Majesty Queen Alexandra has placed an order for shamrocks through the Countess of Limerick, significantly boosting the movement led by Lady Limerick and the Shamrock League to supply shamrocks to soldiers. This initiative supports the Soldiers’ Help Society’s fundraising efforts. Several notable figures, including the Lord Lieutenant and Countess Cadogan, the Marquis of Salisbury, Lord Roberts, the Duke of Devonshire, the Marchioness of Londonderry, Mr. A. Balfour, the Irish Guards, and many more have also placed orders.

In addition to providing shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, the ladies of the County Limerick Shamrock League are sending tobacco and shamrocks to patients at Netley Hospital as a gesture of goodwill and support.

Dundee Evening Post – Monday 11 March 1901

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