Irish Veterinary College Experts Investigate High Calf Mortality in Limerick Region

Professor A.E. Mettam, Principal of the Irish Veterinary College, recently won a gold medal for original veterinary research from the London Veterinary College. Professor Mettam is currently in Limerick with French pathologist Professor Nooard, investigating the high mortality rate among calves in Southern Ireland. They have set up a laboratory in Limerick for microscopic examination of deceased animals and are working with local farmers to further understand the situation.

The new Veterinary College on Pembroke Road is under construction and will cover over an acre of ground, making it one of the finest and best-equipped colleges in the kingdom. Currently, 150 students are taking lectures partly at the College of Science and partly in temporary premises adjacent to the new building.

The Irish Veterinary College aims to provide opportunities for both study and research. However, unlike Dick College and New College in Edinburgh, it won’t have the power to confer degrees as the London Veterinary College is the only institution in the United Kingdom that holds a charter for this purpose. The establishment of the Irish Veterinary College aims to contribute to the growing field of veterinary pathology, which has not been adequately explored in the past.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 13 April 1901

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