Limerick Corporation Backs Irish Parliamentary Party, Celebrates Nationalism Through Art and Events

At a recent meeting of the Limerick Corporation, Councillor Leahy proposed a resolution expressing admiration for the new Irish Parliamentary Party’s advocacy of Ireland’s claims during their first session in the British House of Commons. The resolution highlighted the Corporation’s confidence in the Party’s integrity and patriotism and proposed forwarding a copy of the resolution to the Party’s leader, John Redmond. Although the resolution faced some opposition, it was ultimately adopted by a majority vote, reflecting Limerick’s support for the Party and the struggle for Irish Nationalism.

The United Irish League held a meeting where Joyce, M.P., gave an account of the Party’s work and the progress they made in London. The meeting highlighted the establishment of nine branches in London during the previous St. Patrick’s Day, showcasing the Irish Party’s growing influence in England.

In other news, a successful concert was held at St. Munchin’s College, featuring performances from prominent musicians and soloists. Additionally, Limerick-based artist Mr. Henry O’Shea recently unveiled a striking portrait of the Liberator, which has been described by critics as one of the best in existence. O’Shea also completed a portrait of Parnell, further celebrating prominent figures in Irish history.

Irish events throughout the city showcased a strong sense of national identity and support for the country’s political struggles. From supporting the Irish Parliamentary Party to celebrating cultural heritage through concerts and art, Limerick proudly demonstrated its role in shaping Ireland’s future.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Saturday 13 April 1901

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