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Limerick Corporation Extends Congratulations to the Irish Parliamentary Party for Advocacy in the British House of Commons – Limerick Archives

Limerick Corporation Extends Congratulations to the Irish Parliamentary Party for Advocacy in the British House of Commons

Limerick, Ireland – In a significant meeting of the Limerick Corporation, held under the leadership of Alderman Gilligan, a resolution was proposed to express the Corporation’s admiration for the new Irish Parliamentary Party’s resolute advocacy of Ireland’s interests during their inaugural session in the British House of Commons. This expression of support also conveyed full confidence in the Party’s integrity and patriotism, underscoring their commitment to advancing Ireland’s cause. Councillor Leahy, the proposer of the resolution, further suggested forwarding a copy of this resolution to John Redmond, the eminent leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party.

Councillor O’Brien (Abbey) seconded the resolution, enthusiastically voicing his support. However, not all members present shared the same sentiment. Councillor Whelan put forth an alternative perspective, arguing that the Council should focus on its own business and leave the Parliamentary Party to champion Ireland’s interests in the British Parliament. He proposed an amendment stating that the resolution should not be adopted, and this was seconded by Councillor Godsell.

Councillor Leahy defended the resolution, emphasizing that it contained no contentious elements and was merely a congratulatory gesture towards the Irish Party for their commendable efforts during their initial session in the British House of Commons. He noted that similar resolutions were being passed in various parts of the country and questioned why Limerick should not do the same, particularly if its members considered themselves true Irishmen.

Councillor Coffey, although in favour of the resolution, expressed the view that it should not be moved at that particular moment, suggesting a delay in its consideration.

When the time came for a vote, twelve members cast their support for the resolution. This included Councillors Leahy, DonneUan, O’Brien (Abbey), Coffey, Fitzgerald, Murphy, and Moloney. On the opposing side, four members voted for the amendment, comprising Councillors Godsell, Michael Plafen, Dalton, and Whelan. Notably, Sir Thomas and Aldermen O’Brien (Irishtown) and James Moloney abstained from participating in the vote.

Ultimately, the resolution found favour with the majority of the Corporation, securing its adoption. The backing for this resolution primarily came from the Labour members of the Corporation.

This resolution passed by the Limerick Corporation underlines the widespread support for the Irish Parliamentary Party’s efforts to represent Ireland’s interests in the British House of Commons. It highlights the Corporation’s recognition of the Party’s dedication and unwavering commitment to advancing the cause of Ireland within the complex political landscape of the time. The resolution also echoes similar sentiments expressed in various regions across the country, affirming the importance of unity and collaboration in the pursuit of Ireland’s aspirations and rights.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 12 April 1901